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Electromagnet for automation systems and robotic cells serving

"The electromagnet we actually needed!"

Electromagnet for automation systems and robotic cells serving

Manufacturer of tooling machines

Piedmont (Italy)


loading and unloading of working center ERGO 500

FAMAR required us an electromagnet fixed to the tip of a robotic arm, for the handling of raw and semi-finished cylinders of several sizes and weight (diameter from 60 to 400mm, weight from less than 1kg to 50kg).

The electromagnet had to have a high attraction force, in order to win even any air gap due to the presence of shavings on the piece to be handled.

It had, however, also to be extremely precise, to catch and release very small lightweight cylindrical workpieces. This kind of pieces, if moved by a standard electromagnet, once magnetized remain adherent to the polarity of the magnet: a simple counter-magnetization would not be enough to cause the detachment of the piece.


small rectangular bipolar electromagnet ERBI 25.16 SP with shaped and interchangeable polarities

To meet the specific needs of FAMAR we designed a precise and reliable electromagnet, with a special feature: a special demagnetizing LRF (Low Residual Flux) control algorithm was developed within the PLC program of our electronic control equipment.

This special demagnetization curve, suitably set, minimizes the residual magnetism on the piece and allows the rapid and effective detachment also of the lightest pieces.


"The competent GI-DA staff provided us with the electromagnet we actually needed!"

(Federico Marinello - Head of Technical Dept. at FAMAR srl)

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