Magnetic Systems GIDA

Magnetic Systems


Wherever you are in the world, our magnetic systems are the most attractive solution

For more than 25 years, our goal has been to offer customized solutions in the field of magnetic systems and ensure diligent care, also thanks to our partner in the world.
Steel mills and rolling mills, steel plants, recycling plants, scrap yards ... these are just some of the companies that use our magnetic systems every day.

A magnetic system tailored
to your needs

Often a standard magnetic system cannot respond to your specific needs.
This is why most of our magnetic equipment is designed specifically to answer a specific question, in collaboration with your technical department.

Magnetic systems for life
The constant service is for us a cornerstone of the relationship with our customers. From when your GIDA system has been turned on, you'll know you can always have a specialized technical support, from us or from our partner nearest to you.