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Magnetic rollers and magnetic brakes

Magnetic rollers and magnetic brakes

Designed on your specifications, our magnetic rollers get to you very quickly

Magnetic rollers

Inserting magnetic roller and brakes in the rolling line of beams, plates, angles, ribbed and smooth round bars in place of common non-magnetic transport rollers, allows handling the product faster, thanks to the continued anchoring force always active during their rotation.

Magnetic rollers with customized dimensions
Whatever the dimensions of your system, we can produce tailored magnetic rollers and brakes, designed on the required technical specifications.

Delivery on short notice
We know your time is important. Our magnetic rollers, while being tailored, are nevertheless produced and delivered quickly.

Periodic maintenance of the magnetic rollers
The rollers and the magnetic brakes require periodic maintenance, that we can carry out directly through a service agreement.

Let's design your magnetic roller!
Let's design your magnetic roller!
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