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Electromagnetic brakes

Electromagnetic brakes

The ideal electromagnetic brake is designed to fit your plant

The electromagnetic brakes are a key part of the rolling mill plants: inserted into the rolling line of beams, plates, angles, ribbed and smooth round bars, the electromagnetic brakes make it possible to slow down the hot product with the certainty of avoiding its deformation.

Customized design of the electromagnetic brake
As any other piece of our magnetic equipment for automation, every electromagnetic brake is unique: it is designed specifically on plant requirements, to achieve the best possible solution.

The cooling circuit of the electromagnetic brake
Our electromagnetic brakes are provided with a water cooling circuit

Quick delivery
Although each of our electromagnetic brakes is tailored to the specific needs, it is our commitment to ensure delivery in a short time.

Replacing a worn part of the electromagnetic brake
The electromagnetic brake is naturally subject to wear and requires periodic preventive maintenance. The upper part of our electromagnetic brakes is made by an easily replaceable anti-wear material.

Let's design your electromagnetic brake!
Let's design your electromagnetic brake!
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