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Battery Magnets

Battery Magnets

No need of electric generator on board the machine thanks to the BMG battery magnets

The BMG battery magnets are a valuable solution for the scrap collection centers and demolition companies: they equip trucks for the collection of scrap, as well as loaders and excavators for scrap handling, using the batteries already present on the carrier, and ensuring the recovery of the smallest metal pieces.

Battery Magnets: no generator required
The BMG battery magnets do not require the presence of an electric generator on board the machine

Full mounting kit
Our battery magnets are provided with lifting chain, control box, control keyboard, cable and plug

Well suited to lighter loaders
Our battery magnets are available in different models to fit vehicles from 6 tons without stabilizers, or even lighter when equipped with outriggers.

Subsea applications
All models can be supplied also in the underwater version.

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Modello Kg mm kw volt Altern. min. Amp T min. T suggested Kg scrap Kg plate
BMG 65 280 650 0,5 12 50 4 5 150 2.200
BMG 80 490 800 0,7 24 40 6 8 250 2.800
BMG 92 650 920 1,0 24 50 10 14 330 3.650
BMG 105 1.020 1.050 2,0 24 100 25 30 410 6.000
BMG 125 1.400 1.250 2,4 24 120 30 36 530 8.000
Our battery magnet
Installation BMG65 12V
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