Electromagnetic Gripping Systems - GI-DA

Electromagnets for robotic and automatic machines islands

Electromagnets for robotic and automatic machines islands

Gripping systems with electromagnets for superior effettiveness

The handling of small to medium size mechanical parts in machining centers is often carried out with robotic anthropomorphic arms. Choose a gripping system with electromagnets or with electro-permanent magnets, allows to hook even pieces of non-regular shapes, which can be stacked in bulk, always in a correct and safe manner.

Better than a pneumatic gripper
Our electromagnets are able to perform takings and placements that a pneumatic gripper would not be able to realize.

Tailored electromagnetic gripper systems
Our technical department will co-design with you the holding system with electromagnets or electro-permanent magnets best suited to the specific needs of your machining center, depending on the shape and dimensions of the workpiece to be manipulated.

Let's design your electromagnetic system!
Our clamp magnet
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