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Electromagnetic lifters with built-in battery

Electromagnetic lifters with built-in battery

The independent EBL battery magnet, versatile and practical for several uses

The EBL electromagnetic lifter with built-in battery does not require AC power nor any hydraulic generator: it works with an autonomous battery power supply.
It is an extremely versatile battery magnet: in addition to ferrous scrap, it can also handle blocks of steel and metal sheet, it can be used to clean up from steel shavings or to pick the residual iron out of the demolished material after building demolition.

Electromagnetic lifter with great charge duration
The long lasting lead batteries grant a range of 3 hours of intermittent 40% service and acoustic and visual signals signaling low charge conditions. The charger is integrated in the magnet body and includes a 5 meters cable extension

The EBL magnet with built-in battery can be easily transported and attached to various types of machines

4 different possibilities of suspension and great simplicity
The EBL electromagnetic lifter may be fixed to the hook, to the forks of the forklift, to the grapple or directly to the boom of the operating machine with flexible and quick couplings, without the assistance of the operator on the ground

Battery Magnet with radio control system
The EBL electromagnetic lifter is provided with an industrial type radio control system and with ergonomic transmitters, with flaking DROP function integrated as standard on the pushbutton box of the radio control. The flaking is useful both in case you want to select only one sheet and when the detachment of part of the material taken in excess is required.

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Model Kg mm H1 Charge h T min. T suggested Kg Scrap 1500 kg/m3 Kg Plate
EBL 80 550 770 530 10 5 7 100 3000
EBL 100 780 1000 505 12 8 10 150 5000
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