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Magnetic and electromagnetic pulleys

Magnetic and electromagnetic pulleys

Robust and flexible, magnetic pulleys have a nearly unlimited functionality over time

Magnetic pulley

The magnetic pulleys are used in the recycling centers or in the mining industry for the autonomous separation of small and medium sized ferrous pieces, from a flow of material laying on a conveyor belt (driven by the magnetic pulley itself) and having a thickness of less than 80 mm.

Magnetic pulleys: unlimited duration
The magnetic pulleys are extremely robust and functional: they do not need maintenance and their attraction force has a practically unlimited duration in time.

From the magnetic pulley to the complete system
We can offer the single magnetic pulley, also tailored to be positioned at the end of your conveyor belt, or we can design and build the entire system.

Magnetic induction Pulleys
If your requirement is the separation of a slightly ferromagnetic stainless steel, the ideal choice are our magnetic pulleys with high magnetic induction value.

Electromagnetic pulley
If you're dealing with major flows or heavy materials, we can design for you an electromagnetic pulley, which has a power supply from the control panel with AC / DC converters developed in-house by us.

Let's design your magnetic pulley!
Let's design your magnetic pulley!
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