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Lifting electromagnets as hook-up accessories

Lifting electromagnets as hook-up accessories

Flexibility and tailor design for your lifting electromagnets

The electromagnets for lifting as hook-up accessories are used for the taking of steel products, of known size, also very heavy. A great alternative to mechanical and hydraulic clamps.

The most common products handled with these magnets are:

  • Wire rod and strip Coils
  • Short Billets
  • Slabs and Short Blocks
  • Scrap

vergella GIDA

Design flexibility
Depending on the parts to be handled, we can offer:

  • circular or rectangular magnets
  • electro-permanent magnets or electromagnets
  • if necessary, with multiple poles and shaped to fit the shape of the product to be lifted.

Power and control system for lifting electromagnets
Together with our lifting electromagnets we also produce internally and provide you the electronic control equipment to be installed on the crane, to directly feed the magnet.

Let's design your lifting electromagnet!
Rectangular electromagnet ERBI 57.220-SP-HT for wire rod handling
Let's design your lifting electromagnet!
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