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Magnetic plates and protective magnets

Magnetic plates and protective magnets

Magnetic and electromagnetic plates: simple, effective and reliable

The MP and EMP plate magnets are simple and effective systems to protect grinding plants from the possible presence of ferrous pieces in the material flow: they provide reliable and continuous action and are equipment reliable and durable in time.

Our magnetic plates are produced in two versions depending on the required working power and are generally positioned horizontally suspended, although where necessary they may also be positioned in an oblique position. The MP plates can be easily positioned inside ducts or, flipped, along evacuation slides. We can also realize them with dimensions and powers different from the standard.

MP Magnetic plate
The MP magnetic plate does not need energy sources, because it is made with ferrite permanent magnets (on request also neodymium). On request it can be equipped with a stainless steel plate hinged on one side, to facilitate the manual cleaning of small ferrous parts.

Benefits of MP magnetic plate

  • No energy consumption since the magnetic force for uptaking iron parts is exerted by a permanent magnets circuit;
  • Magnetic field steady in time and virtually inexhaustible, for uninterrupted operation;
  • Maintenance reduced to just remove the ferrous parts captured by the plate.

EMP Electromagnetic plate
Our electromagnetic plate is an ideal choice when the iron pieces to be captured are larger in size and are located high uptake away. Powered by a command and control dedicated electric equipment (AC / DC converter), the plate can be cleaned in a simple way by turning off the electromagnet.

Benefits of EMP electromagnetic plate

  • Ease of cleaning due to the possible shutdown of the machine from the control panel;
  • Capability to work at high distances from the ferrous material to be captured;
  • High uptaking effect even with pieces of large dimensions.
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Model A (mm) B (mm) Working Distance WD (mm) Weight (Kg)
MP 37.50 370 500 100 130
MP 47.50 470 500 130 210
MP 57.60 570 600 150 330
MP 62.65 620 650 180 410
MP 75.80 750 800 200 750
MP 100.80 990 800 250 1.050
MP 120.100 1.160 1.000 300 1.850
MP 140.100 1.350 1.000 350 2.500

Model A (mm) B (mm) Working Distance WD (mm) Weight (Kg)
EMP 40.50 400 500 100 280
EMP 50.60 500 600 150 450
EMP 60.80 600 800 200 750
EMP 80.100 800 1.000 250 1.300
EMP 100.130 1.000 1.300 350 2.550
EMP 100.150 1.000 1.500 350 2.950
EMP 120.150 1.200 1.500 450 3.500
EMP 140.170 1.400 1.700 550 4.900
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