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Dear Client, we inform you, in compliance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/03 “Code concerning the Protection of Personal Data”, that the personal data you give us, or that may be acquired otherwise within the sphere of the activities of GIDA srl, may form the object of processing, in observance of the provisions mentioned above and the obligations of confidentiality which inspire the business of the Company.

By processing of personal data we mean collection, registration, organisation, conservation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, utilisation, interconnection, blockage, communication, circulation, deletion and the destruction of data even if not registered in data bases. We inform you that the Controller of the processing of personal data is GIDA srl and that all the employees and co-workers of the Company have been nominated to process the data. Data will be processed and transmitted for purposes connected or instrumental to our activities and therefore:
• for the purposes of performing a service or one or more operations requested by you;
• for executing legal obligations, in general;
• for sending communications and/or information notes.

Data will be processed through instruments suitable for guaranteeing its security and confidentiality and processing shall also be carried out through electronic instruments designed to memorise, manage and transmit the data. The data will be kept at the headquarters of GIDA srl for the time prescribed by the law. We also remind you that, at any time, you may request in writing to integrate, update, change or modify your data and you may exercise all the rights attributed to you by law in art. 7 of the decree.

GIDA sr shall verify your identity through the use of available deeds or documents or by exhibiting an identification document. The person acting on behalf of the person concerned must exhibit or enclose a copy of the proxy, or of the signed proxy to be presented together with a photocopy of an identification document of the person concerned.