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Electromagnetic battery lifter with onboard battery EBL80

"My operators now use only the EBL 80 magnet with built-in battery"

Electromagnetic battery lifter with onboard battery EBL80

Vedovati srl
historical company of the province of Brescia, active for over 40 years as a plastic, glass, scrap recycling center.

Lombardia (Italy)


clean the bins and the yard

Among the services offered by Vedovati srl there is the chip collection from many machining shops of the region. The trucks collect the shavings through a grapple and get them at the treatment center of the company. The grapple, however, cannot collect all the material. Vedovati so was looking for a small and handy magnet to be used for cleaning the boxes and the square after the scrap collection made with the grapple, in order to recover all the fragments of scrap and optimize transport costs.


the magnet with built-in battery EBL80

The EBL 80 magnet with built-in battery is powered by an internal battery. It requires no installation of any system on board the machine and can be easily moved from one machine to another.


"My operators now use only the EBL 80 magnet with built-in battery," says Massimo Vedovati, owner of the company, "although our trucks are also equipped with generator for the use of a magnet without built-in battery.

But the model EBL 80 is much more practical: the operator does not require to get off the truck to connect it. And all this with a simple 'Poppet' attack instead of a complex quick coupling".

Peter, truck driver, says: "I use it almost every day for cleaning at 3 or 4 companies, 5-10 minutes each time, and the battery lasts all week anyway. I put it under charge on Saturday and I find it ready and recharged on Monday morning".

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