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BMG80 battery magnet

"The economic advantage was immediately clear"

BMG80 battery magnet

Excoffier Recyclage
Company specialized in integrated waste collection and recycling

Savoy (Francia)


cleaning the yard

He was looking for a small, cheap and easy to use magnet to clean the yard after the scrap collection made by a grapple. The cleaning operation and the collection of small pieces of metal was actually carried out manually, with increasingly high labor costs, especially compared to the low value of scrap.


the BMG80 battery magnet

The 24 Volt BMG 80 battery magnet is powered by the truck battery. After the first installation of a simple installation on the machine, the magnet is always ready for use.


"Since we installed the BMG 80 cleaning is done in a few minutes", says Jean Philippe Excoffier, director of the scrap recycling center.

"Hooking it is easy and operators who go to collect scrap with the truck never forget to clean up with the magnet after each operation. The result? We do not lose any little piece of iron, and we save a lot of time. The economic advantage was immediately clear. "

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