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Crossbars with 4 rectangular magnets

"We found ease of use and constant support"

Crossbars with 4 rectangular magnets

Commerciale Siderurgica Bresciana S.p.A.
Steel Dealer

Lombardy (Italy)


lifting profiles, rods or tubes

CSB had the need to equip two gantry cranes for loading and unloading of the drawers in their new automated warehouse with two slingbars with 4 magnets for lifting profiles, rods or tubes, 6m in length, in bulk or in 2,5Tons packs.


ERBA 52.20 crossbar with 4 rectangular magnets and ERBA 76.38 crossbar with 4 rectangular magnets

The first electromagnetic system, intended mainly to load the boxes and the packages of product, is designed to offer the maximum power to be able to quickly load the automated warehouse.

The other system, dedicated to the withdrawal of the bulk product to retail, has been realized with small and narrow rectangular electromagnets in order to be able to select in a practical and precise manner the products from the compartments of the same box.

Both electromagnetic crossbars are powered by electronic equipment with emergency batteries for keeping the load even in case of electric black-out. The two systems use the same components to facilitate the use and maintenance.


"In addition to the simplicity and ease of use of the two pieces of magnetic equipment, we found in Gi-Da constant support and preventive maintenance to guarantee the full functionality of the system"

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