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Eddy current separators

What are eddy currents and how the eddy current separators work

The eddy current separators are special separators which are inserted along the already deferrized material transport line (glass industry, plastic, wood, MSW, ASR, WEEE), to enhance material which still contains important non-ferrous metal percentages as polluting to recover.

Using powerful, high density and high frequency magnetic roller, the eddy current separators leave continue on its ballistic path (given by the tape speed) the inert material, while rejecting beyond a deflector all conductive non-ferromagnetic metal pieces (for example , copper, brass, aluminum, bronze, lead, ...)

This happens because dense currents are generated by induction in the conductive, non-ferrous metal. These currents are called "eddy currents" or “Foucault currents”, so called by the name of the physicist that discovered them in the 19th Century. Polarizing, they push the conductive particles they go through, away from the normal trajectory of the other material.

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