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Magnetic Separation

What is magnetic separation and what are the main systems used

The properties of some materials (magnetic materials) to be subjected to the force of magnetic attraction is widely utilized to separate these materials from others that do not have this property. One speaks in this case of magnetic separation.

The base principle of the magnetic separation is quite simple: the action of a magnet or electromagnet attracts ferromagnetic parts diverting their trajectory in a more or less marked way, however sufficient to sharply separate the ferromagnetic material from all the remaining non-ferromagnetic material.

The starting point is always a flow of magnetic / non-magnetic mixed material to be separated into two distinct currents of material. From here, in function of the percentage of magnetic material with respect to the non-magnetic one, and depending on the mode of evacuation of the magnetic material, we will have different types of systems for magnetic separation.

If the proportion of magnetic material is very limited, the magnetic separation operations will be performed through flat magnets, sometimes also called 'protection magnets’. Their purpose is actually to capture the very few pieces of magnetic material (usually iron) present in an almost clean flow of material, to protect downstream equipment from damage. In this type of application the ferrous material remains attached to the magnet, which is manually downloaded at fairly long intervals.

If, however, the percentage of magnetic material within the stream is high, the magnetic separation is carried out by systems that provide for continuous evacuation of the material from the magnet. A typical example is the belt separator: a tape that runs on a magnet carries out the magnet cleaning in a continuous manner.

Other systems for magnetic separation, in cases where the magnetic material is in a more limited quantity but still requiring a continuous evacuation, are the magnetic drums and pulleys. Also in this case a mobile element that ensures the material evacuation flows in the proximity of a magnet that attracts the ferrous material.

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